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"A man who constantly jostles among the most experimental and fascinating projects"

L'Italoamericano Newspaper

Synthesis, Creativity, Alchemy, Legacy, Innovation

My work explores the intersection of art, culture, technology, and communication. Each project is part of a cohesive vision, represented by the acronym SCALI.

Synthesis | I merge art and technology, combining historical insights with contemporary digital art to create something new and meaningful.

Creativity | Creativity drives my projects, allowing me to explore, experiment, and push the boundaries of conventional art.

Alchemy | I transform materials and concepts, turning the ordinary into visible forms and making digital content tangible and enduring.

Legacy | I aim to preserve digital art in physical forms and explore historical themes in modern contexts, creating a lasting impact.

Innovation | I seek new horizons in art and technology, continually breaking new ground and exploring uncharted territories.


Okkult Motion Pictures

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