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"One of the most influential artists in the world of Art & Nanotechnology"


Nanoart | Seeing the invisible

'Nanoart removes the direct view of the image, and cancels the acquired superiority of sight. This is both a paradox and a provocation, as there has been in every revolutionary artistic movement.' Stefano Raimondi

'In an age of artistic grandeur, perhaps there is a need for a healthy and decisive downsizing. Nanoart is an art that makes itself down to the point where it makes itself invisible to the human eye.' Alessandro Scali

'One of the most influential artists in the world of Nanotechnology and Art'. Technarte

The Genesis of Nanoart
My foray into Nanoart began in 2006, marking a pivotal juncture where art meets the avant-garde world of nanotechnology. This exploration extends beyond mere artistic expression; it's a venture into the realm where the unseen elements of our world become a profound medium for artistic creation.

Collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin
A cornerstone of my Nanoart journey has been the collaboration with the esteemed Polytechnic of Turin. Working alongside a dedicated team of Ph.D. students and under the visionary guidance of Prof. Fabrizio Pirri, we've delved into the intricacies of nanoscience. This partnership has not only enriched the technical aspects of my work but has also infused it with scientific rigor, making each piece a fusion of art and precise scientific innovation.

Redefining Artistic Boundaries
My work in Nanoart pushes against the traditional confines of art. "Dimensione attuale" and "Oltre le colonne d’Ercole" are not just artistic endeavors but also metaphors for overlooked societal issues and humanity's foray into the unknown. These pieces transcend the visual spectrum, inviting viewers to engage intellectually and emotionally with themes that are both deeply personal and universally relevant.

Philosophy and Vision
In a world where art often gravitates towards commercialism and grandeur, my Nanoart stands as a philosophical rebellion. It's a call to return to the essence of art - to evoke, question, and challenge. Through Nanoart, I propose a new artistic paradigm: one that stimulates the mind as much as it eludes the eye, urging a deeper, more contemplative engagement with our world.

MoonArk | A Cosmic Canvas for Nanoart

Introduction to MoonArk
In 2014, I embarked on an extraordinary venture as part of the MoonArk project. This initiative, spearheaded by Carnegie Mellon University and led by Professor Chris Robinson, aims to send a lunar museum to the moon, encapsulating a rich tapestry of human creativity.

My Contribution to MoonArk
My role in this groundbreaking project involved crafting two nanometric artworks: 'C'moon' and 'Man with Smartphone.' These artworks, designed as nano lithographs, were created using ion beam assisted lithography (FIB), a technique akin to the precision of a scanning electron microscope.

Artworks' Descriptions and Significance

'C'moon': This piece, located in the Moon Chamber's lower ring, symbolizes humanity's initial artistic steps on the lunar surface. Inspired by prehistoric petroglyphs, it's a stylized rendition of my right foot's imprint, intricately lithographed onto a 1x1 mm silicon chip, echoing the historic Apollo moon landing footprints.
'Man with Smartphone': Housed in the Metasphere Chamber's upper ring, this artwork offers an ironic yet lucid view of contemporary society. Reflecting on our 'Socialithic' era, it portrays the dominance of smartphones in modern interpersonal relationships.

Collaboration and Technical Process
The creation of these pieces was a collaborative effort at the Center for Space Human Robotics at the Italian Institute of Technology in Turin. The meticulous process involved multiple experts, including principal investigator Dr. Alessandro Chiolerio and FIB operator Dr. Katarzyna Bejtka, coordinated by Prof. Candido Fabrizio Pirri.

Future Aspirations and Impact
My participation in MoonArk marks a pivotal moment in my artistic career, blending Nanoart's minuscule scale with the vastness of space. This project not only represents a historic journey of art to the moon but also symbolizes the boundless possibilities of human creativity and innovation.




Nanoart. Seeing the invisible | BergamoScienza – Bergamo, Palazzo Frizzoni | 2-21 october 2007

Nanoart. Seeing the invisible | Politecnico di Torino | 16 – 19 april 2008

Nanoart. Seeing the invisible | Art’co – first Como Art Fair | 16 – 19 may 2008

Nanoart. Seeing the invisible | Infini.To – Parco dell’astronomia di Torino | 23 may – 15 june 2008


Technarte Exhibition | LACDA, Los Angeles, 12 december 2015 - 02 january 2016.

Principia. Stanze e sostanze delle arti prossime | Piazza del Duomo, Milan, april 2011.
Spaceship Turin | MIAAO – Museo di Arti Applicate, Torino / 6 october 2007 - 6 january 2008.

Youniverse | BIACS 3, Biennale of contemporary art of Sevilla / 2 october 2008 - 11 january 2009.


Technarte 2015, Los Angeles | Invited speaker. Title of the presentation: 'Nanoart: beyond visual arts, towards the Moon'.

Technarte 2013, Bilbao | Invited speaker. Title of the presentation: 'Biomusic'.

Comunicare Fisica 2012, Turin | Invited speaker. Title of the presentation: 'Art & physics'

Technarte 2010, Bilbao |  Invited speaker. Title of the presentation: 'This is not an artwork'  | 15 -17 april 2010.

Universos Y metaversos, artistic applications of new media | Invited speaker at University of Barcelona, 7 april 2010.

Nanoart: beyond the pillars of Hercules | Invited speaker at Technarte - Art & Science international conference, Bilbao | 23 –24 april 2009.

Nanoarte: between art, science and perception | Invited speaker at Infini.To – Parco dell’astronomia di Torino | 7 june 2008

Future of mind or mind the future? | Invited speaker at Accademia delle Scienze, Torino | 28 may 2008.

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