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"The Giphoscope is a breathtaking piece of design and craftsmanship"

The Verge

OKKULT Motion Pictures and The Giphoscope:
In GIF We Trust

Welcome to the dynamic world of OKKULT Motion Pictures and The Giphoscope, where art meets innovation in a unique journey through the GIF format. These two artistic endeavors represent my continuous exploration and passion for reimagining and revitalizing GIFs: from digital expressions of fleeting moments to tangible and timeless works of art.

You will discover how OKKULT Motion Pictures has transformed the GIF into a tool for visual storytelling and cultural expression, and how The Giphoscope has brought this form of digital art into the physical realm. Both projects complement each other, showcasing the endless possibilities of GIFs as a medium for artistic expression.

OKKULT Motion Pictures: The Art of GIFs

The Birth of OKKULT Motion Pictures
OKKULT Motion Pictures began in 2012 as a collaborative venture with Marco Calabrese. Our mission was to transcend the traditional boundaries of GIFs, elevating them from internet fodder to a profound medium of storytelling and cultural reflection. This journey started with an exploration of the GIF's unique ability to capture and convey complex narratives in a compact format.

Artistic Philosophy and Approach
Our approach in OKKULT is deeply rooted in the belief that GIFs possess an untapped potential for artistic expression. We see them as more than just looping images; they are windows into moments of history, culture, and emotion. By curating and manipulating these GIFs, we strive to create a tapestry of visual stories that resonate with viewers on multiple levels.

The Excerpts and Beyond
A key feature of OKKULT is our 'Excerpts' series, where we transform scenes from historically and artistically significant films into mesmerizing GIFs. These Excerpts not only breathe new life into classic cinema but also forge a connection between the past and the present, marrying the charm of old-world cinematography with contemporary digital aesthetics.

Expanding the GIF Universe
Beyond the Excerpts, OKKULT has ventured into various thematic realms. We've curated GIFs capturing everything from pivotal historical events to abstract artistic expressions. Each GIF is a story in itself, an invitation to pause and ponder over the layers of meaning encapsulated within.

GIFs as Cultural Commentary
OKKULT Motion Pictures also serves as a platform for cultural commentary. Through our curated GIFs, we reflect on societal trends, political moments, and the human condition. Our goal is to provoke thought and discussion, using the familiar yet often overlooked medium of GIFs to spark a deeper engagement with the world around us.

Bridging to The Giphoscope
As we continue to push the boundaries of digital art with OKKULT Motion Pictures, the transition to tangible art forms becomes an intriguing journey. This is where The Giphoscope comes into play, transforming our digital creations into physical, interactive artworks. The Giphoscope represents the next chapter in our exploration, bridging the gap between the digital ephemeral and the physical eternal.

The Giphoscope: the world-first analog GIF player

''It's a breathtaking piece of design and craftsmanship' . The Verge

''And the splendidly-named Giphoscope is so beautifully designed and crafted that everyone here at Luxurious magazine wants one'. Luxurious Magazine

A unique fusion of art and innovation

The Giphoscope stands as the world's first analog GIF player, a remarkable creation that seamlessly blends the realms of digital and analog. Handcrafted in Italy, it represents a minimalistic, retrofuturistic approach to art, transforming digital videos and GIFs into everlasting analog artworks. This innovative device offers a one-of-a-kind experience, turning fleeting digital moments into tangible, interactive sculptures​​.

Inspired by Cinematic History
Drawing inspiration from The Mutoscope, an early motion picture device, the Giphoscope revives the nostalgic charm of vintage cinema. It operates on a principle akin to a flipbook, making it particularly well-suited for the short, looping nature of animated GIFs. This blend of modern and historical elements makes the Giphoscope both a modern and vintage masterpiece​​​​.

Craftsmanship and Personalization
Celebrating the art of Italian craftsmanship, each Giphoscope is meticulously crafted, with materials chosen to complement the specific GIF it displays. The process of assembling the Giphoscope, from selecting materials to the final construction, ensures that each piece is not just an artistic creation but also a personalized artifact of the digital content it represents​​.

Artistic Expressions from History
In its Public Domain Collection, the Giphoscope brings to life animated GIFs extracted from historical, copyright-free videos. Unique editions like Giphoscope n. 64 and n. 138 transform historical film segments into standalone works of art, combining old-world materials with digital art in a visually stunning display​​​​.

Investing in Artistic Legacy
Owning a Giphoscope means investing in a unique art object, where each piece is accompanied by a photo set documenting its creation. This personalized approach emphasizes the contemporary trend of customization as the new luxury in art, making the Giphoscope not just a player but a timeless piece of artistic innovation​​.


OKKULT Motion Pictures:

The Giphoscope:




1840s GIF Party | Tate Britain, London | 17 gen - 7 feb 2014

Stop & Go, The Art of Animated GIFs | Rome | 5 apr - 22 lug 2016

Athens Digital Art Festival 2016 - Digital Pop | Athens | 19 - 22 may 2016

The GIFer - International GIF Art Festival | NH Carlina Hotel, Turin | 1 - 31 oct 2016

Modernolatria - Boccioni +100 | City of Cosenza National Gallery | 2 march - 19 april 2017

PolisGraphics | MIAAO, Turin | 11 oct - 31 oct 2017

Stop & Go, The Art of Animated GIFs | Ljubljana | 14 june - 18 august 2018

The Quest for Happiness | Serlachius Museum, Mänttä, Finland | 26 Oct 2019 - 29 Mar 2020

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