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"Van Glitch masterfully weaves digital chaos into a tapestry of profound commentary, where each pixel and glitch serves a poignant reflection of our fragmented
digital era".

Valentina Tanni

Alexander Van Glitch | Digital Art as Antidote to Homo Digitalis 

Artistic Genesis and Philosophy
Since 2019, as an Italian digital artist, I've embraced the role of Alexander Van Glitch, focusing on the exaltation of error, imperfection, and incompleteness in digital art. My works, a stark contrast to hyper-realistic high-resolution representations, symbolize an intentional departure from perfection, addressing the profound implications of our digitally dominated era.

Homo Digitalis and the Digital Dilemma
In the 21st century, Homo Digitalis emerges as a defining figure, a product of our deep integration with digital technology. My art reflects on this transformation, focusing on how perpetual connectivity and relentless digital streams diminish our depth of understanding, promoting a culture of forgetfulness and superficial engagement.

Techniques and Artistic Approach
Utilizing only a smartphone for creation, my art counters this fragmented culture. Techniques like pixelation, triangulation, glitches, and other digital manipulations are employed to deconstruct, simplify, and distort subjects, often set against a vast black void, symbolizing the profound emptiness and the abyss of obscurity in our digital age.

Collections and Themes
My work spans various collections including 'Contemporary Icons', 'Nudes', 'Contemporary Sacred', and 'Abstracta Chromatica', each exploring different aspects of our digital existence. These collections challenge the viewer to confront the realities of our pixelated world, offering a critical perspective on contemporary life and culture.

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